My name is Betsy Lomax and I am dedicating this website to teaching you the old native language Gitxsan

luu amhl goot’ii i am happy

‘nakw win sa’witxw ii          i have come very far      n’dahl wila win?                 how are you

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This Is An Example If The Written Language, We Will Have The Translation Up Shortly

  ha’nii sgwaa’ytxw  sg_oog_amm sa ha’nii gilbilhl sa ha’nii gwile’lhl sa ha’nii txalpx_hl sa ha’nii ksdinshl sa ha’nii yeek_ dim yeek’d’m skusiit dapun ‘tayu’n ganhl ‘kuba maa’ihl doxut go’os sust helt maa’i ‘tahl’m gii sint suii ginam’ii hla gatsuut da’whl amhl ga’bihl menit dim yeekt’m ‘tayu’n  

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Here is a video with a song to help you learn Gitxsan

This is a short video to help you understand some words in the Gitxsan language. I find learning a new language through song is a fun and fast way to learn.

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