Here is a video with a song to help you learn Gitxsan

This is a short video to help you understand some words in the Gitxsan language. I find learning a new language through song is a fun and fast way to learn.


  1. Ronald Harris says:

    Tell me, why is it that when I try and watch the videos, I get a message that says, “this video is private” and that is all that is displayed? I would like to see these videos.

  2. matte rees (rosalie) says:

    hello, i wanna thank you for your video, iv been wanting to learn my language for sooo long, but i didnt know where to start, till i came across you video on this gitxsan website, i got a hang of twinkle twinkle in like ten minutes, i love it, and cant wait to learn more, thankyou so much for making this video<3 i loved it.

    sincerly matte: Big fan:)

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