luu amhl goot’ii i am happy

‘nakw win sa’witxw ii          i have come very far      n’dahl wila win?                 how are you


  1. betsy says:

    ‘tsinin come in amhl wilii i am fine

    1. betsy says:

      gemk tsim wilp…gala
      its warm inside the house..come

    2. Ian Trombley says:

      Hi, what’s the gitsan term for saying “tasted really good” my mom used to say “loogle ik sta”, what is the correct spelling ? Thanks Ian .

  2. betsy says:


  3. betsy says:

    tek’iihl wil;ii
    i forgot what i was doing

  4. Tyson says:

    How would you say “prince” and “princess” ?

    1. betsy lomax says:


  5. betsy says:

    amgogit willim ahl anisget simoogit laxha
    we had a good time on our chief in the sky’s birthday

  6. Chelsea Robinson says:

    What is the Gitxsan word for freedom? galksa’witxw is i got through
    ts’akwhl ‘nii’ means i got out

    1. betsy says:

      lip get means i am my own man which is the phrase we use when we are free
      ksa ,aklwhl ,nii, means I made it out(perhaps from jail)
      galsa aklwhl ‘nii’ means I made it through(maybe fro a tough time)

      1. betsy lomax says:

        luu’will gemx lahaa sint tuun

  7. axtipeit axtx besxw says:

    Hello had no idea that this site was established….would love to learn more language…

    1. Betsy says:

      hande win sa’witxwwin means where are you from

  8. Brooke says:

    What is the Gitxsan word for Joy?

    1. Betsy says:

      ama ‘goot means happy heart

    2. Betsy says:

      ama ‘goot means happy heart

  9. Adrienne Weget says:

    I am wondering how I would be able to learn everything about my culture and history, law, and land from?

  10. Oliver says:

    What’s the Gitxsan word for “Respectfully”?

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