This Is An Example If The Written Language, We Will Have The Translation Up Shortly


ha’nii sgwaa’ytxw 
sg_oog_amm sa
ha’nii gilbilhl sa
ha’nii gwile’lhl sa
ha’nii txalpx_hl sa
ha’nii ksdinshl sa
ha’nii yeek_

dim yeek’d’m skusiit dapun ‘tayu’n
ganhl ‘kuba maa’ihl doxut go’os sust
helt maa’i ‘tahl’m gii sint

suii ginam’ii hla gatsuut da’whl
amhl ga’bihl menit dim yeekt’m ‘tayu’n



  1. Denise says:

    This is cool!

  2. christie says:

    hey i would like to know how to say and write “my love” in gitxsan, iam gitxsan and getting married and wanting to get a matching tattoo that says it in my language

  3. betsy says:

    are you eastern or western/eastern is from hazelton .kispiox.glenvowel
    western is gitsequkla,kitwanga.kitwancool there are slight variations but in pronunciation

  4. Michelle says:

    Is there someone who can help with some translations? We are trying to teach our 19 month old the language and neither of us know it. My husband is Gitxsan from Kitwanga. I want to know how to say Good morning and good night and I love you. I am not First Nations but it is important for both of us that she learns her culture. We are living in Manitoba now so its near impossible to find someone who speaks it out here.

    1. Betsy says:

      ama hiihlixw is good morning
      ama aaxw is good night
      ‘wii uuh ‘ii ‘niin is i like(love) you

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